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Frequently Asked Questions on PCD Pharma Franchise

Pharmaceutical industry is at its zenith and it is strengthening day by day. With ongoing pandemics and overall lifestyle changes it is very evident that therapeutics is one of the leading career options.Indian government takes initiatives to build Indian healthcare sector, by incorporating better facilities and infrastructure in order to make India a global leader in pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical sector offers various career options from manufacturers, distributors, retailers, stockiest, PCD pharmaceuticals, to other healthcare providers. PCD pharma franchise is basically a pharmaceutical chain that enables therapeutic distribution all over India. It was one of the most luring career options due to its low-risk nature. But gathering complete information on any kind of business is crucial before investing in the business. Fibovil pharmaceuticals have tried to collect the most frequently asked queries on PCD pharma to help you explore and gather all the necessary information on PCD Pharma as a career option.

FAQ & Knowledgebase

PCD pharma (propaganda cum distribution) is a sector in which a pharma company provides their franchisee on agreement with a medical distributor or stockiest. PCD pharma deals with marketing and distribution rights of therapeutics and drugs. This type of chain involves allocation of particular areas to distributors for an organized manner of distribution.
For starting up a pharma franchise one need to have knowledge and educational experience in therapeutics. Proper documentation is required to get a PCD company’s franchise. Drug license and GST certificate is one of the major documents to start the process. Some experience in this field is required to be successful in pharma franchise business.
A PCD pharma is a successful model as it has low risk and high Returns. For taking up a reputed company’s franchise minimum investment on an average would be 30,000. This involves the product purchase price and promotional material. Minimum investment may vary a little bit from company to company.
Present market is filled with plethora of PCD options. It may be confusing too. Choosing the right PCD involves gathering information on which company provides the best quality and efficacy products. Products should be WHO/GMP/GLP approved. Trademark registration makes a product more trust worthy. Try to find companies that offer more than 1500+ product range and minimum of five divisions.
WHO- world health organization is basically a global organization that regulates global health matters, setting norms and standards, regulating agendas. In short, this organization regulates public health. WHO certified products gives assurance that the products are 100 percent safe for consumption.GMP-goods manufacturing practices are the steps followed by manufacturing units. Factories make sure that they follow the aseptic conditions and proper sanitation during the manufacturing. It also ensures that the products are impurity free and is manufactured as per standards.
Promotional material is required for the proper presentation of the products to the doctors and healthcare providers. Following is the list of promotional material offered by Fibovil pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
  • Mr Bag
  • Visual aid
  • Lbls
  • Reminders
  • Product Cards
  • Prx Pads
  • Pens
  • Marketing gift inputs (paperweights, bottles, and card holders)
  • Yearly planner and diary
  • Order book
  • Visiting cards
  • Catch covers
DOD is basically delivery on draft which is also known as self builty. Most PCD companies work on cash basis. Some offer credit policies as well. DOD is when you order products from the company on cash on delivery basis but you will only receive your parcel once the payment to the company is completed. This allows customer to arrange payments by the time goods reach their location. Only few transport companies offers assured DOD services such as VRL, TCI, GATI and SAFE EXPRESS.
This type of manufacturing is basically when you outsource manufacturing of your products with your brand name. This offers you to start up a business on your own therapeutics’ product line. Third party manufacturing units have minimum order quantity and additional security charges. Fibovil pharmaceutical Pvt ltd also provide third party manufacturing. Their expertise in the sectors assures that the manufactured range will be of excellent quality and efficacy.
Fibovil pharmaceuticals are known for their vast range. Their product range includes not only the necessary products but also research based latest combinations and molecules. Following are the divisions available at Fibovil pharmaceuticals Pvt ltd.
  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Dermatology
  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Genetics
  • Neurology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pathology
  • Paediatrics
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Surgery
  • Urology
Account ledger is basically a summary of all the bill information and transactions between the parent company and distributor/buyer. It also consists of basic information regarding the buyer such as agency name, address, contact details, debit/credit balance, total sale, and payment options used. Maintaining proper accounts ledger allows a hassle-free business between the two parties.PCD pharma companies are flexible when it comes to payment options. One can pay through NEFT, RTGS, cheque, UPI, cash deposit etc.
PCD pharma is a business model which involves a franchise agreement between the parent company and the distributor/stockiest for a particular allotted area, that is the buyer and exhibit and sell the therapeutics in that allocated area only and none other can take up the same franchise like the buyer in the same area. This is called a monopoly right per area. Having monopoly rights is beneficial as it increases your uniqueness and overall revenue of the business.
Fibovil pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is a giant name in the healthcare sector. With high quality product range to excellent services, they have evolved as the best PCD pharma company in the market. Fibovil pharmaceuticals have best transport partners such as Blue dart, Dilhevery, Amazon, DTDC, Trackon, Professional, Gati, Safe express, VRL, TCI express and local transport companies providing services across India. With such huge transport options Fibovil pharmaceuticals offers flexibility and assured on time delivery.
PTR- it refers to price to retailer. There are approximately fixed margins for a retailer that is around 28.5% is the price at which goods are provided to retailers.
PTS- it refers to price to retailer. There are approximately fixed margins for a retailer that is around 28.5% is the price at which goods are provided to retailers.
COA reports stand for certificate of analysis. it refers to a lab certificate that gives complete information of the quantity and purity of the molecules present in a drug. Government standard reference index are also provided on the report to check the quality and efficacy of the product. Fibovil pharmaceuticals Pvt ltd is a well reputed company. Highly experienced team is available to test their goods for safety and efficacy. Their entire range is WHO/GMP/GLP approved and hence they do provide COA reports.
The major difference in all three models of pharmaceutical business is their work model. Ethical companies promote their goods on the basis of their own field team and have their own manufacturing units. Whereas in generic there is no field team involved. And their business is based on volume market which may have quality issues. PCD pharma lies in between as they do not have field team, they prepare their distributor network through franchise agreements, and they emphasize on quality over quantity.
Pharmaceutical market is filled with innumerable options when it comes to PCD pharma. It can get very confusing on which company should be chosen. So, following are few points that can help you nail this decision.
  • Selected company should have wide range of products so as to offer variety of molecules. Minimum of 1500+ range and 10 therapeutics range.
  • Product range offered by the company should be WHO/GMP/GLP/ISO/DCGI approved.
  • Look for companies that offer trademark registered products to maintain the unique selling feature of your agency.
  • Products should be tested for quality and efficacy.
  • Monopoly rights are a point that should definitely be considered in order to be free of any product infiltrations in your selected location.
  • Promotional input should be provided by the company free of cost so reduce the extra efforts of preparing promotional aids.
  • Company should have variety of transport options for quick and assured delivery.
  • Company track record for availability of products as it is key requirement for smooth running of business and achieve multiple X growth.
  • PCD business is lifelong business. You will reap the benefits of your today’s efforts for the lifetime, at the same time, this will be possible if you work with one company for forever. While selecting the PCD Pharma company, you should review the culture, ethics and vision of the company. You should choose PCD Pharma company who
    • Value the customer relationship
    • Follow Ethical Practices
    • Fulfill their commitments
    • Vision for betterment of healthcare sector of India
According to recent studies it shows that around 80% of people want to be an entrepreneur. Following is the list of reasons why pharma business is more luring than jobs.
  • Business helps you grow faster financially as compared to jobs as complete margin will be of owners.
  • Business helps to achieve your own set goals and achievements according to your planned way.
  • No restrictions for working hours.
  • Complete benefit of your hard work.
  • Family time and working time can easily be managed.
  • Feeling of fulfillment as you are the master of your empire.
  • You don’t have to face the pressures of target and unwanted humiliation.
  • Your efforts will fulfill your dreams not others
The whole world faced a breakdown in terms of pandemic situation recently. Which brings us to the fact how this impacted our daily lives. Similar impact was there in the healthcare sector. Due to this sudden shake, focus on healthcare sector has increased. Government has taken initiatives to make Indian healthcare, worlds most effective.Many job opportunities have evolved in healthcare sector, marketing and trading of therapeutics gained a boon, building immunity through medication and exercise took up an exponential spike. Today’s time healthcare sector is considered as the most revenue generating field. PCD pharma franchise can be the easiest and profit making business idea if you are looking up for career options in healthcare sector. PCD pharma is Easy to understand, low risk. High profit generating and does not require very high educational criteria’s making it the most eye-catching business idea.
Over 3000+ products approvals from different market segments covering multiple therapeutic formulations for manufacturing and marketing purpose.
Fibovil Pharmaceutical is certified with ISO, WHO, GMP, and GLP.
We are a team of 400+ people dedicated to bringing best quality drug formulations having expertise and knowledge in Pharma sector.
We have worked in collaboration with top vendors including Sun Pharma, Dr Reddys, Biocon, Colourcon etc.
Our Process, Formulation expertise and Quantity of Raw Material/ Packing usage ensures that we guarantee our brands comply to global standards and with market leaders.
Fibovil Pharmaceuticalenjoys a global client-base in more than 10+ countries.
Yes we offer end to end branding solutions like logo designing, packaging artwork with brand theme and promotional material content.
More than 1500+ companies are connected with us and deal on regular basis, making us a trusted name in market.
Yes we do have some unique approvals and patented packaging.
We have state of art laboratories in-house and have tie-ups with leading external laboratories for routine testing.
Fibovil Pharmaceuticalmajorly deals in 3 products lines – Pharma Tablets, Capsules and Powders available in different packaging and sized custom required by the client.
Fibovil Pharmaceuticalis the leading Pharma manufacturer in driven by values of transparency and dedication for 26+ years, our team works relentlessly to produce a diverse range of quality nutritional and dietary supplements in compliance with GMP-WHO guidelines.

Fibovil Phamaceuticals a Name Worth Your Trust

Fibovil pharmaceuticals Pvt ltd offers the highest product range in the PCD market. Their products are excellent in quality and efficacy as their entire range is tested for safety. Divisions like general, gynecology, critical care, cardiac diabetic, neurology, orthopedic, pulmonology, ophthalmic are available.Trademark registered products enables them to have an exclusive range worth investing your money. Fibovil pharmaceuticals highly experienced team brings best to the table in terms of services and support for their distributors.Let’s join hands, work as a team and take steps towards changing the world for better.

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