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Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly expanding. Thepharmaceutical industry offers numerous career opportunities. India offers avast selection of generic medicines and vaccines worldwide. Approximately 60%more novel drugs have been approved in the last decade than in the previousdecade.

Regarding all recent developments, the pharmaceuticalindustry is regarded as the fastest-growing industry.

PCD pharma franchise has become the most popular careeroption in the pharmaceutical industry. Understanding a business from the groundup is essential for success. Consequently, Fibovil pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.will provide all pertinent information regarding PCD pharma franchise.

Pharma Franchise Business


PCDpharma is a business model for the dissemination of therapeutics based on afranchise agreement between the primary company and the distributor. It refersto the distribution of promotional materials without the participation of theparent company's field team. This business model is completely distinct fromthe ethical and generic pharmaceutical supply chain. In the ethical model, thefield team of the parent company, known as medical representatives, promotesthe drugs, and generic medications do not have a brand identity, so they do notrequire promotion.



It is essentially an authorization of therapeutics based onmonopoly between the vendor and customer. A designated area is allotted to thepurchaser or distributor for the purposes of drug promotion and distribution.Distributors may lose their franchise if they impinge on territories not specifiedin their monopoly contract. Distributors must promote the products to theregion's physicians and retail counters. Once the product is on theprescription papers of physicians, it will assure a long-term profit. This workstructure makes PCD a highly secure and lucrative business field.


PCD pharma franchise set up involves appropriate documentation. Anarcotic registration issued by the authorities is required. Form no. 20b 21bis considered the essential document for selling and displaying controlled substances.Therapeutics is a highly sensitive industry because it impacts public health,so appropriate licensing and regulations are crucial. Another document requiredfor PCD businesses is a GST certificate, which ensures tax compliance withgovernment regulations.

Fibovil pharmaceuticals ensures that all paperwork is accurate,and then only monopoly should be used.


PCD pharma attracts many individuals who wish to operate in thepharmaceutical industry. Due to its minimal risk and high profits, this industryhas become the most prevalent. In the pharmaceutical industry, numerous PCDcompanies offer franchise opportunities. Each company has its own franchiseacquisition procedures. The average initial investment amount is Rs 30,000,though this amount can differ from company to company. There are also companiesthat offer franchises for a very low investment; however, we advise you toconduct appropriate due diligence when choosing a company to ensure that it hasa good reputation and sells quality products.


Pharmaceutical sector has plethora of options for PCD companiesoffering their franchise, you should be completely aware of all the detailsregarding the PCD business so that you can choose the right company accordingto your requirements.

Fibovil pharmaceuticalsPvt ltd has listed the major points to be considered before investing in a PCDcompany.

  • ·         Look for company’s product range, because it’san effective filter to catch companies that have wide range of products andeffective market penetration. Companies should have minimum of 1500+ productrange to be considered as a good option for a PCD franchise. This will ensurethat you can have wide range of products in your basket.

  • ·         Product quality is regarded as the most importpillar for any product related business because repeat and retain will ensureyour overall revenue from the business. Make sure the company you choose haveWHO/GMP/GLP/ISO/DCGI approved products.

  • ·         What is seen is sold. Focus on companies thatoffer attractive and different packaging to stand out in the market. Packagingalso influences doctors to pick that product.

  • ·         Go for PCD companies that offer latest moleculesand combinations so that you have the updated range as per market demands.

  • ·         Services offered by the company will decide howsmooth your experience is. Look for companies that have various departments tooffer you the best services.


FibovilPharmaceutical is a reputable business. They have long since establishedthemselves in the pharmaceuticals industry. With refined business models and adistributor-friendly vision, they have risen to the top of the PCD Pharmafranchise market. They entered the market with a vast selection of products inextraordinary packaging, which was their selling point. Wide product range withdistinct molecules is available at best prices. Their products are ofunparalleled quality, as they are WHO/GMP/GLP/ISO certified and trademarkregistered. There are numerous divisions covering all product categories,including general, gynecology, rheumatology, dermatology, critical care,cardiac diabetic, neurology, ophthalmic range, urology, sexology, pulmonology,nutraceuticals, and many others. They provide all promotional input and productcatalogues with detailed information. Their segregated work structure consistsof a highly experienced research team, an effective marketing and sales team,graphic designers, accounts, and a purchasing department, allowing them toprovide exceptional services and thereby making them the finest PCD pharmafranchise

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