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A PCD pharma company refers to the business model that involves the distribution of therapeutic drugs. Propaganda-less distribution means a type of sector in which a pharma company contracts a franchise agreement with a person or group of people. The PCD franchise business deals with marketing and distribution rights for pharmaceutical products by the parent pharma company. Pharmaceuticals enhance our quality of life; consequently, their consumption is growing as a result of the need to treat ageing-related and chronic diseases and changes in the clinical practice. The market revenues also show an historic growth worldwide motivated by the increase on the drug demand.  India is a major exporter of Pharmaceuticals, with over 200+ countries served by Indian pharma exports. ( wide scope demands for high quality therapeutics. Therefore, pharma PCD companies are filling for the high demand of pharmaceutical drugs. This also brings us to the fact that market is filled with plethora of options when it comes to drug providers. Utmost care should be taken while figuring out the right PCD franchise. Let us help you choose the right PCD pharma company.

Pharma Franchise company


companies which have expertise in pharmaceutical sector will always be a right choice. This sector requires high demand of market strategies, broad networking, infrastructure, pharmaceutical studies, supporting team and refined business models. Look for companies that have established itself in the market which will ensure that you are investing in the right company which will reduces the chances of any drug related legalities.


one of the major factors that should be the priority while choosing a PCD Franchise Company is the product quality as it is the fundamental brick for your business. Products should be of high quality and efficacy. Look for specifications like A grade raw material, tested for efficacy, high quality excipients/preservatives, sturdy packaging. Demand for test reports from the drug provider referred to as COA (certificate of analysis).


Pharmaceutical trademarks are mostly filed for reputable pharmaceutical goods and services. In the case of pharmaceutical trademark, the brand name or drug name is typically taken from the drug's treatment, salt composition, or any other associated medical word. PCD pharma should have their products trademark registered to ensure hassle free business as it will refrain issues related to copying of brand names. Distribution of drugs with trademark registered products increases the profitability of the business.


Brand names of the products should be easy to pronounce and remember which increase the probability of the brand names to be easily circulating in the market and are preferred by doctors to make them their prescription choice.


Quality of the product matters but attractive packaging is icing on the cake. For packaging to be excellent PCD Company should have highly experienced team of graphic designers that will have the correct inputs from the market demands and will be able to express on the product design. Packaging also influences the customer attraction. Attractive and informative packing makes sure that the product has a impressive mark on the doctor and customers.


PCD Company that offers monopoly right is beneficial as gives you the opportunity to select your location of choice. You can also select the drug range as per your market demand. Monopoly ensures that the drug range is exclusive in the market which increases your overall revenue. Monopoly agreement should also be issued by the company.


WHO GMP Certified Manufacturing Units for Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products are available PAN India( Go for PCD companies that offer WHO/GMP/GLP/ISO/DCGI certifications which ensure that the products are 100%geneuin and safe for consumption.


PCD companies that offers more than 1500 products is an excellent choice as they have better market penetration and is definitely a leading company than the rest. Company should have minimum of 5 speciality divisions which will help you offer different drug varieties in the market without the problem of getting involved with too many companies which increase the risk of confusion and unorganised work structure.


Availability of stock is the backbone of your business. You must take proper assurance about the regular supply of the selected products. Once the doctor has started prescribing your product then he can’t wait for you if you can’t supply the product on time because there are many other business owners who are approaching doctor to prescribe their product. So, make sure that the company has enough work structure for proper supply of the goods on time.


Company should offer services like, marketing inputs, promotional material, managed accounting, easy order placements, on time dispatches, ledger maintenance and promotional campaigns.


FIBOVIL PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD Offers the above-mentioned services which makes it a perfect choice as your PCD pharma company. Fibovil pharmaceuticals offers wide portfolio of general, gynaecology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, critical care, cardiac diabetic, neurology, ophthalmic. Excellent quality products are available at affordable prices which ensure high ROI and amazing profitability. Vision of reaching towards distribution networks all over India and top exporters of therapeutics globally.

You win we succeed is what company relies on.

Ratingof 4.8/5 is given on the basis of their quality and attractive, sturdy packaging. Segregated departments for sales, marketing, accounting, purchase, product designing and HR, makes Fibovil pharmaceuticals a stand out in the rest. Thus, making them indeed the number one PCD pharma franchise.

Fibovil pharmaceuticals products have created their own place in pharmaceutical industry. Product quality that is unbeatable, with impressive range that is pens down on doctor’s prescription, attractive packaging that’s wining hearts and better market penetration. Availability of research based unique molecules makes it the most searched PCD pharma franchise.

Fibovil pharmaceuticals try to implement unique techniques and strategies to outstand as a PCD company. They indulge in unique promotional campaign and market strategies that enable them the most reached PCD pharma.

Few top sellers from Fibovil pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

  • Moxyvil - Amoxycillin entire range and combinations
  • Nurovil- Methylcobalamin
  • Texavil- Tranexamic Acid
  • Esovil- Doxycycline
  • Domedart- Domperidone
  • Fibogest- progesterone
  • Acevil cold- anticold drug

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