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Pharma Franchise for Uropogy


Urology is basically the branch of medicine and physiology concerned with the function and disorders of the urinary system. The urinary system also called the urinary tract/renal system is inclusive of kidneys,ureters, bladder and the urethra. Urinary systems functions and helps body to eliminate its waste material, regulates blood volume and blood pressure. It also deals with balancing of electrolytes and metabolites.


Urologists are physicians that diagnose and treat urinary tract ailments in both male and females. Around 50-60% of women will experience urinary tract infection in their lifetime, that is 1 out of every 5 women may be infected with UTI’S. Major issues include kidney stones, UTI’s, kidney failure, cancers etc. Urological techniques like invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery, laser treatments, optic endoscopy and latest ultrasound techniques have created a wide area of learning and career options as well.Therapeutics used to cure and diagnose urological diseases is one of the pillars of healthcare industry.With wide range of high quality and rapid acting medications pharmaceuticals has given a revolution to the healthcare sector for example best pcd urology franchise offered by fibovil pharmaceuticals


we often say hard work is the key to success , but with smart work you don’t even need a key, door to success is open. fibovil pharmaceuticals with years of research and smart work has reached a position where it has set a benchmark and high standards of quality .many upcoming pharmaceuticals look up to fibovil pharmaceuticals as a jewel in the crown. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently lets have a look how fibovil pharmaceuticals created the difference


quality is when the customer returns and the product does not. Fibovil has maintained 5000+ distributors over the years and adding much more as we read this article. Consistent quality has made fibovil a brand with which quality seems like a synonym. high quality ingredients are used, 100% safe excipients ,high quality pallets in tablets , german flavors in syrups are few of the unique selling points for fibovil pharmaceuticals. Whole range is WHO/GMP/GLP/DGCI approved.


packaging that catches your eye and gives you an amazing overall experience of the product is what fibovil products stand for. Whole range is specifically designed by experienced graphic designers. 300 GSM outer cartons and mono cartons are used to make the packaging as sturdy and stable as possible.


urology drugs have a variety of segments. fibovil has covered all the basic and advance level drugs in urology. Offering exclusive range and becoming the top best pcd pharma franchsie for urology drugs. Combinations such as , ferumoxitol, doxecalciferol, furosemide, ethacrynic acid,agalsidase,amitriptyline, phenazopyridine, pentosan polysulfate sodium, imipramine, trospium,medroxyprogesterone, cyanocobalamin,furosemide, azathioprine, potassium citrate,cyclophosphamide,triamcinolone ,flavoxate,oxybutynin hydrochloride, tamsulosin, sodium bicarbonate,nitrofurantoin, Ofloxacin with Flavoxate, Potassium Citrate Monohydrate, Potassium Magnesium Citrate, Alfuzosin SR, Bethnichol Chloride and much more.


proper testing of all the products is done , basically at 2 stages of the product. initial testing is done for the quality analysis of the raw material and excipients and stability of the product at manufacturing stage. Final testing is done for the bio availibity , disintegration , dispersion , stability of molecules for which certificate of analysis are generated for each in every product. fibovil’s highly experienced QA/QC team makes sure that both the testing is performed under supervision and the products are 100% result oriented and safe for consumption.


with all certifications from drug authorities fibovil brings you the most exclusive and 100% genuine range. A trademark registration enables distributors to confidently and ethically promote the products.


Fibovil offers tablets, capsules, syrups and injectable range for diagnosis and treatment of urology diseases. along with basic urology drug range, we have advance unique research based formulations for rapid relief and 100% safe to use. we deal in Ursodeoxycholic Acid , Torsemide , Torsemide with Spironolactone, disodium hydrogen citrate,sildenafil, trospium, alfuzosin, tamsulosin ,alprostadil, Oxybutynin, Darifenacin, Flavoxate, Finasteride, Magnisum Citrate with Vitamin b6, Dutasteride, Solifenacin, Cranberry Extract, Dapoxetine, Bethnichol chloride, Dapoxetine with Tadalafil, Tamsulosin with Dutasteris , faropenem, doxycycline, floroquinolones, trimethoprim, nitrofurantoin,cephalexin,ceftriaxone, Chlorothiazide. Indapamide. and much more.

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